Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good Think Piece

My guy over at Big Blue View, Ed Valentine, wrote a pretty strong think piece on the merits and liabilities of kicker Lawrence Tynes. I might just have some thoughts myself in our Friday Q&A tradeoff, but here's his piece to mull over in the meantime.



  1. I cant believe the Giants let a pro bowl kicker leave foor this SCRUB and u guys had nothing to say. Everybody loves to talk about the kick in Green Bay but fail to mention the two misses prior to that. His kickoffs suck and touchbacks are rare and I would have to say never "booming" as Eddie describes it. I would be happy with ANY other kicker but this scrub.

  2. It's the kickoffs:

    touchbacks, last two seasons: 3 in 32 kickoffs

    last 3 seasons: 11 in 114 kickoffs

    Less than 10 percent as a Giant.

    A tip, Larry: rent, don't buy.