Thursday, September 24, 2009

Interesting Take

Here's an interesting -- albeit decidedly pessimistic -- take on Kenny Phillip's injury by the esteemed Tom Rock of Newsday. He spoke to an orthopedist who said the patellofemoral arthritis in his left knee could be career-threating.

Here's the link.



  1. Glauber's got another doctor saying the same thing...this could be very bad news.

    BTW, I'd link to it, but Newsday's site is a laughingstock.

  2. heard you 660 the fan tonight. Love the LT story. I'll be checking back here too.

  3. Well very depressing news... thats about the only way to take that. This kid looks like a star in the making.

  4. very depressing, i was real excited to watch his career. used to watch him play at miami too

  5. Hey Ern, u told the LT story on the FAN? What show??? I have heard it in passing for a few years and read about it in the post but have never heard u tell it. U have a link????