Sunday, September 13, 2009

Here We Go

UPDATE: Smith recovered the on-side kick for the Giants. Should be over now as Washington took its third timeout after Jacobs' short run. Eli's kneeling it out now. Final Score: Giants 23-17.

UPDATE: Redskins just tightened things to 23-17 on Cooley's 17-yard touchdown catch. Close enough now to get nervous, especially if the Skins get the on-side kick. It's never easy in the NFC East.

UPDATE: Nicks' x-rays were negative, but he's out with a sprained foot. Redskins are driving on Campbell's 16-yard scramble at the two-minute warning.

UPDATE: Drive of six minutes and change ends with Tynes hitting a 28-yard field goal for a 23-10 lead. 3:12 remaining. Unless something goes horribly wrong, Giants will win this game. But they could pay a price with Nicks.

UPDATE: Steve Smith made a fantastic 26-yard catch with Hall all over him and Landry bearing down. Then Manning hit Boss, who made a smart move coming across for the ball as Manning scrambled, for a 27-yard gain to the 13. Meanwhile, Nicks came out of the x-ray room on crutches, which doesn't bode well for the rookie.

UPDATE: Nicks got taken off on a cart after London Fletcher fell on his right ankle on his seven-yard pass completion near the end of the Giants' field goal drive that put them up 20-10 with 11:03 remaining.

UPDATE: End of third, Giants 17-10.

UPDATE: Manning never should have thrown a pressured pass from the 12. He thought he had Steve Smith open, but he was really double-covered. Once LaRon Landry got his hand on the ball, it was all over, and Hall's interception made it that much worse. Can't get enough of the defense, though, as they got a big stop by Tuck on Portis' first-down run from the 12, and then a huge sack from Tuck that forced the Skins to settle for a field goal. Giants 17-10.

UPDATE: The call was indeed reversed, so first-down on the 31 for the Redskins.

UPDATE: Got a play review. Chris Cooley caught Campbell's pass and was stripped, with C.C. Brown recovering and taking it to inside the 1. Replay looks like Cooley's knee was on the ground, however, so this one could be overturned.

UPDATE: Michael Johnson went down on Portis' four-yard run, but he bounced back up and left the field under his own power. He'll be back.

UPDATE: Maybe Nicks isn't a bum after al. Just made a nice 11-yard catch to get them out of the hole, shaking a cornerback on the way.

UPDATE: Redskins were driving, but nice stop on Portis by undrafted rookie Bruce Johnson to stop him two yards short of a first at midfield. Redskins then had to punt. Giants are at their 8 and have to be careful here.

UPDATE: Redskins are driving, and Barry Cofield was just shaken up on Ladell Betts' one-yard run. He's coming off on his own power, though. Doesn't look serious.

UPDATE: Second half is about to start in two minutes. Keep the comments coming. For your convenience, I won't start another page, so you can just keep filing them in this one.

UPDATE: Washington's at the 8, but it's third-and0-goal after Phillips made a nice play on Moss' catch. But a little trickery by the Redskins got them 7, as holder Hunter Smith took it in through an open right side on a fake field goal. Giants were totally caught with their pants down. They'll undoubtedly hear something about that in the halftime locker room. Halftime score, 17-7 Giants.

UPDATE: Osi Umenyiora got around Chris Samuels and swatted the ball out of Campbell's hands, then picked it up and returned the fumble 37 yards for a touchdown. Everything's going right for the Giants right now up 17-0 with two minutes to go in the half.

UPDATE: Andre Carter just got away with a facemask penalty while dragging down Manning on a sack and a fumble that was recovered by DE Lorenzo Alexander on the Redskins' 37. Lots of boos from the crowd, understandably so.

UPDATE: Corey Webster made a tremendous interception off Campbell's pass to Moss, dragging his feet just inside the sideline at the Giants' 25.

UPDATE: Hakeem Nicks may have dropped a wide open pass, but Mario Manningham made himself a star by catching a short one, and then slipping Fred Smoot, Andre Carter, and DeAngelo Hall on a 30-yard touchdown reception for a 10-0 lead.

UPDATE: Can guarantee one thing, this is all going to catch up to them. But not if the defense continues to play well. They stopped Clinton Portis three times from the 3 to force a punt. Also, Santana Moss went after Corey Webster away from a second-down pass, and it resulted in offsetting personal foul penalties. Would love to have heard that conversation as it progressed downfield. Moss landed a couple of good shots, too.

UPDATE: They're going for it on fourth-and-1. Good idea, bad play, trying to plow Jacobs up the middle against Haynesworth. Redskins stopped him, and the Giants come away with nothing. Haynesworth got his bell rung in the process.

UPDATE: Jacobs missed again, this time on third-and 1 from the 3 as the first quarter ends, Giants leading 3-0. Who thinks they should go for it? And how?

UPDATE: Giants are knocking on the door at the Redskins' 12 after a 22-yard run by Bradshaw, and a 15-yard run by Jacobs that had a 12-yard late-hit penalty on LaRon Landry tacked on.

UPDATE: Giants moved the ball well, but had to settle for a 28-yard field goal by Lawrence Tynes after Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw failed to get a first down from two and one yard. Then, the defensae immediately gave up a 34-yard run by Clinton Portis to put the Redskins in Giants territory. Turned out okay, though, because Chase Blackburn sacked Antwan Randle-El for an 11-yard loss that eventually forced a punt.

UPDATE: Ware has a dislocated elbow and will not return.

UPDATE: Giants already have an injury, as Danny Ware stayed down after returning the opening kickoff. He left the field under his own power, though.

Giants won the toss and elected to receive. Here we go!


  1. Anybody know what the downtime is for a dislocated elbow?

  2. jacobs didnt get it but haynesworth hurt...??

  3. giants are dominating the time of possession battle. now we just need more points!

  4. looks like the receivers are showing their inexperience in this series. dropped pass and incorrect formation. hope this is not a trend that continues!

  5. from my perspective i think the receivers are looking pretty darn good...a lot of targets to throw at...i havent even seen moss in yet

  6. Very glad to see that Ernie is out on his own now. The heck with the Journel news. I will be following this site every week !!

  7. wow, fake field goal. that's dissapointing after a nice 3rd down stop. g-men look good overall though.

  8. Ernie here. Don't know how long one can be out with a dislocated elbow. It's painful as heck, and who knows how much practie Ware will miss. Will be interesting to watch.

  9. Not for nothing, but at least we can say we don't have DeAngelo Hall on our team...he looks like the poor man's Deion Sanders...does NOT want to play physical...

  10. thanks for all the updates ernie - game is not playing on the west coast but still remember reading yah every morning growing up in WC...

  11. any sense of injury report on Hakeem, Ernie??

  12. Good first win! Some obvious flaws, but a win is a win. Eli looked pretty confident and strong and the defense was phenominal up until the last drive. All in all, many positives to take out of this including a few great receptions by a recieving core everyone has been leary about. Hopefully the hands will be sticky and the feet will be fast next week!