Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Somebody over at BBI found this video of the folks who held the so-called "Party Pass" tickets for standing room last Sunday. Seems ol' Jerry Jones padded the house. But on top of that, take a look at this video and tell me, just from sight, how many of those fans who paid $29 a pop caught even a glimpse of that field.



  1. I wonder how much he charged the players for their tickets.

  2. Wow..THat looks pretty comfortable.I would rather listen on the radio in my car..Ughh.

  3. They should rotate the jumbo screen and let the standing room fans get the big screen. Definitely not worth the $29 if you cant get the big screen!

  4. I was actually at the game and had the party pass tix (though I had to buy them through Stubhub for $80 apiece). The tix are definitely worth $29 to be in an environment like that for an NFL game. It's definitley a disgrace that they don't tell you that you can't even see an inch of the field with these party pass tix unless you go into the stadium 3 hours early and rush to be the first to reach the railing.
    My buddies and I actually left at halftime to see the rest of the game from a bar.