Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuck On Adams

Justin Tuck said he has the date circled -- Dec. 6, Dallas. That's the next time he'll meet up with Cowboys tackle Flozell Adams, whose flagrant trip caused Tuck to aggravate a partially torn labrum he originally injured in college.

And Tuck was none too pleased about Adams' statement that "he should have stayed up" on the play Tuck called "bush league" after the game on Sunday.

"It makes me hate the Cowboys even more," Tuck said. "And you all can write that. I did say hate. I'm aware of his comments. You get to the Pro Bowl by blocking people, not tripping them. I don't want to get into no war of words or anything. I'll see Flozell when we play them again."

Tuck said he wouldn't do anything beyond the rules the next time they meet. But he wouldn't rule out a little pop to the jaw if they do get tangled.

Adams was fined $12,500 for the flagrant foul, the second straight game the league has taken money from his wallet. He was fined in the opener for unsportsmanlike conduct against Tampa Bay.

"I don't get paid to think about that," said Tuck, who termed himself day-to-day. "The league will do what they think is necessary, and that'll be the end of it. I could care less if he gets fined or suspended.

"In all honesty, I think he was doing what any O-lineman would do. At that point, I had a clear path to Romo. It's just unfortunate I got hurt on the play."

Tom Coughlin earlier brought up the possibility of Tuck playing with a harness, an idea Tuck would be amenable to. He said he played harnessed during the originally injury at Notre Dame, with no appreciable decline in his play.

But he said he's not going to get out there until he's ready.

"There's always a fine line between playing hurt and injured," Tuck said. "The key thing right now is to be smart about it. Don't let my ego get in the way of common sense. Right now, I'd say I'm hurt."

Here's Tuck talking about how he feels.


In other major injury news, DT Chris Canty said his calf strain was coming along, but couldn't say whether there is a timetable for his return.

"Every day there's progress," Canty said. "You get frustrated, but you've got to continue your due diligence. I try to progress as much as I can while I'm not practicing or playing."

Canty sat out training camp with a hamstring problem, and went so far as to get plasma-enriched blood therapy in an effort to get back to work in time for the opener. It worked, but he said the residual effect of missing training camp could be hurting him now.

"I've come to the reality that I didn't have the training camp I'd like to have. Sometimes you get little tweaks and nicks here and there as a result of not having the work in training camp. I really feel like that's what's coming into play in this situation."

He didn't think, however, that one injury had anything to do with the other.

"I don't think it's anything as far as compensating, but I'm not a doctor," he said.


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