Monday, September 21, 2009

A few highlights

Got a couple of videos for you. This one involves general highlights.
By the way, I absolutely love how these announcers overplay everything. Listen to Al Michaels going on and on about how this stadium opening must have been exactly the same as the Coliseum in Rome back in the day. Yeah, Al. Exactly. The gladiators were all padded up, and if you crossed a line you scored points for yourself. Exactly.
Oh, forgot one other thing. The Coliseum was open to the peasantry. Don't recall Nero ever charging outrageous PSLs and a $160 average per ticket. And that dude was nuts, man!

And now, can you ever get enough of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones trying to pick himself a winner? Whatever it was, it didn't come out reading "Cowboys."



  1. Awesome Ernie. And that Nero dude WAS crazy!

  2. Ernie again, thank you hahahahahaha

  3. As I said last night, Johnson Picks Romo, Jones Picks Nose