Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Afternoon Practice

The Giants completed their workout in the new stadium a few minutes ago, but not without incident. Domenik Hixon, who went down with an apparent knee sprain while returning a punt, was able to walk off under his own power. But he may not be available for the rest of minicamp, at least.

"I’m not sure yet,” Tom Coughlin said of Hixon’s immediate status. “We’ll see. This turf kind of snagged his foot. He didn’t get it enough out of the turf.

"We’ll hope it’s not something serious. He’ll probably be sore tomorrow. Domenik’s a tough guy now. He’s fought his way through a few things in the past."

About 7,000 free customers saw the practice, well below the 30,000 the Giants originally estimated would show up. But Coughlin addressed the crowd afterward, thanking them for showing up and reminding them that they are the all-important 12th man.

Of course, he may have been talking to the wrong people. No telling how many of the attendees actually bought a PSL and will actually have a seat when the real games begin.



  1. 7000 hahaha, some of us had to work. 30,000 was a laughable estimate and just shows how out of touch the Giants management/ownership are with the level of demand for their product.

    Many of the premium psl's that do not count towards a black may still be unsold but I was defeated when all the other psl's were sold out. I really wish just about 5,000 of the suckers like Dan held out and the Giants could have been embarrassed and they still coulda gotten the tix.

  2. Ernie. Great content from today. Just a note of thanks.

    Chris B.