Monday, June 28, 2010

Waived Goodbye

The Chris Davis era of kick returning came to an end today, just six days after he was signed, when the Giants waived him because of a failed physical.

Davis was waived by the Bengals last Tuesday and was signed the following day. He missed the 2009 season when, with the Titans, he pulled his hamstring during the Hall-of-Fame preseason game with Buffalo.

Davis' departure leaves the Giants with Ahmad Bradshaw, Sinorice Moss, and Andre Brown to compete for the kickoff return job left vacant by the absence of Domenik Hixon, who tore his ACL in minicamp. Mario Manningham, Moss, and Aaron Ross will probably vie for Hixon's punt return job, with Ross a real possibility if he stays as an extra defensive back.



  1. Maybe...just maybe Sinorice Moss could finally do something for the GMen. It is there for the taking....He is elusive and can make people miss. Can he hold on to the ball? That is the big question.

  2. No way can Moss remain on the team. How? He's done nothing and by taking up a roster spot he prevents other players from getting reps and plays.
    Let one of the rookie WR like Brown, Cruz or Calhoun stay on the squad and return kicks and punts or let one of the DBs like Seth Williams stay, they can help out on punt and kick coverage as well.
    One has to ask how the giants can readily sign a guy like Davis who was let go from the Titans due to injury.
    How about scouring the CFL rosters for a kick and punt returning (ala Leon Bright)...

  3. Seth Williams was a state champ in 100m, 200m and is a beast. I'd keep him just for his ball hawking, but if he can return punts and kicks, he's your man!

  4. The options laid out by Ern are not viable. Time for Reese to find our next Dominick Hixon since he was so reticent to draft one in the first place instead opting for a JACK-ASS like Jones.

  5. I don't see the "big question" on Moss as "can he hold on to the ball". My question is "can he play at the NFL level?" because so far I have seen no indication that he can. Even when he holds on to the ball he doesn't read the field well or slip tackles. On offense he's never open and disappears. Moss is a draft bust and like a lot of other fans, I can't believe he's still on the roster. To me he's not much different than Ron Dayne or William Joseph.

  6. The CFL option is probaby not viable as they kickoff their season this weekend.

    There's no rush for a KR, one will be released during the many training camps.

    Moss must go, if he stays it shows that this staff is not committed to moving forward