Friday, June 4, 2010


Mikey G. had a good story on Justin Tuck from his charity pool tournament last night. Tuck said the Giants' got "spoiled" from their 5-0 start last season and became complacent.

Of course, we'll argue that that was only part of the problem. Injuries and a resulting lack of depth had a lot to do with it, along with a massive communications issue on the defense. But Tuck said that appears all behind them now, and he's getting excited over the new season.

Good to hear. Would be better to hear him say his left shoulder is 100 percent A-OK, but even he'll have to wait for training camp for definitive proof on that.



  1. Imagine the season he woulda had if Flozell didn't take that cheap shot? I still think he probably had a probowl caliber season but the defense was so bad that he was rightfully left off.

  2. Besides the Cowboys, the Giants went 5-0 for beating teams that they very well should have beaten. How could Tuck attribute that to being 'spoiled'? That's a very peculiar side to explain how poorly these guys played on defense.

    And Wayno2424, please explain Tuck's pro-bowl caliber season. I mean, yeah, Tuck gets an 'A' for effort, but he surely wasn't a force after his injury.

  3. I hope this is the last time I hear players talk about last season. Let's put that behind us and get focused for the new season.

  4. Tuck was the only disruptive force on the d and when down by 30 points you rarely get cheap sacks at the end of the game and that can explain most of the decline in sacks. He would often be the only one making plays and played the run well enough. Tuck never stops on a play just like Kiwi. With JPP the DE position is covered, sucky Osi or old Osi and will be back in Hawaii this season.

  5. I'm agreeing with Wayno on the fact that Tuck played the best he could last season. With one shoulder he was still the Giants best D. player on most Sundays.

    However, the past is the past. Last year counts for nothing. This new season can't start soon enough for me.

    Chris B.

  6. I love Tuck and think he is a pro bowler but not for last season. Granted he played as hard as he could and as well as he could but Tuck was not a force last year. I'm sure his injury played into it but Tuck was not the force of the past. Besides it's not like Sheridan's schemes emphasized Tucks strengths or talents let alone the rest of the defense. Dropping your ends ends into coverage? WTF???? They're supposed to rush the Quarterback you idiot!