Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mikey's Got It

Thanks to Mikey G. for getting fourth-rounder Phillip Dillard's deal: Four years, $2.28 million, with a $493,000 signing bonus.

Adrian Tracy, sixth-rounder, got four years, $1.895 million, and a $105,000 signing bonus.

Nothing outlandish there. Players at that level -- in fact all draft picks -- are slotted for the most part.



  1. That's a pretty big difference, at least bigger than I thought it would be. LB rotation:
    Starters:MLB Goff, OLB Boley, Sintim Backup's Dilliard, Blackburn, Wilkinson, Tracy, DeOssie

    With a crack group like that why would the Giants bring in Old man Bulluck. There must be 3 pro bowlers mixed in there.

  2. If you're being facetious, and I have to assume you are since this group is completely unproven, you have to remember that Bullock is not only 33, he's coming off knee surgery for a torn ACL. Not only should the Giants not sign him, I think we'll see that no one will.