Thursday, June 3, 2010

Getting Older

One more sobering sign on a nothing day that I'm getting older. Ken Griffey, Jr. retires today at age 40. I covered his old man during his stint with the Yanks, when Billy Martin insisted the guy who made a living hitting left-handers couldn't hit left-handers. Drove Griffey crazy. Little Ken was a youngster then, and I remember when Martin threw him out of the clubhouse after a loss. Big Ken never forgave him for that.



  1. Ken Griffey is what A Rod wishes he was but will never be. Is there a greater contrast in our generation given their respective paths and linked history?

    A Rod got the money and the ring but has zero credibility or respect. Griffey didn't get the a ring but played the game the right way. Sadly, my feeling is that most people today think A Rod is the winner. I only hope and pray it's Griffey who gets remembered as the champion.

    Chris B.

  2. Great players will be remembered by those fans that follow and root for them, while the majority of sports society generally refers to and remembers those players deemed 'champions'. As great as Griffey Jr. was, never winning it all will forever keep him at arms-length from the elitists.