Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Practice Notes And Video

Here's some video of the morning practice. You'll notice that Jeff Feagles is back trying to get some consistency into drafted punter Matt Dodge and Australian Rules transplant Jy Bond, with mixed and sometimes frustrating results.

Also, Corey Webster jammed the middle finger of his left hand while breaking up Eli Manning's pass to Steve Smith. He said nothing was broken, and he should be back tomorrow. RB Ahmad Bradshaw sat out with soreness in his surgically-repaired feet and left ankle, and TE Kevin Boss continued to sit out while rehabbing his cleanup ankle surgery from a few weeks ago. He said he should be ready for a full-go training camp.



  1. Hey Ernie, some of the players (can't tell which ones) appear to be wearing yellow helmets. Are my eyes deceiving me or are they really wearing different helmets?

    Thanks for the videos! Wish I could have made it to the stadium yesterday, but work obligations unfortunately get in the way.

  2. @CE718 They are yellow caps that the players pull over their helmets to better differentiate when running Off v Def drills.

    Ern yesterday I saw Bond boom a punt down the field in a perfect tight spiral. And not one of those upward pointing spirals that kinda hangs. This thing looked like it was fired out of a canon. Well outkicked the coverage and almost the return man. Did you see it? Everyone in the stands around me made a collective "whoa!".

  3. The videos rock, Ernie. None of the other beat writers are bothering to do something like this. You are a true pro, head and shoulders above the rest. I hope everyone appreciates you.

  4. Erine - looks like you were shooting the sky and the very tops of their heads. Any way to zoom in and see field level stuff?