Monday, June 7, 2010

Kiwi Done With Motorcycles

My guy Ralphie was out at Giants camp today -- I was otherwise preoccupied -- and he spoke to Mathias Kiwanuka about his recent motorcycle accident that left his brother in intensive care.

Here's his story, in which Kiwanuka said he's done riding those things I like to call Donorcycles. Especially without a helmet.



  1. Motorcycles are for dummies, glad he wised up.

  2. I'm baffled as to why his contract did not specify that he could not engage in risky behavior in the off season. This isn't the "olden days" when a D-lineman made 10 grand a season. There's ALOT of money tied up by the NY D line. If you want to be paid millions, (and, really, who doesn't?!?), it's not a lot to ask that you stay off the motorcycle until you're retired. As for the inevitable responsible motorcycle rider who will chime in that you can get hurt falling down the stairs, stairs don't drive huge SUVs while talking on a cellphone and applying makeup. Morons do. Therefore, being on a motorcycle, especially without a helmet, is far riskier than a random fall down the stairs. Stairs are not stupid and not in motion, most people who drive cars are both.