Friday, June 18, 2010

A Little Something To Chew On

After watching rookie punters Matt Dodge and Jy Bond in minicamp, I must say I'm a bit concerned about that situation. But what concerns me even more is something special teams coordinator Tom Quinn said yesterday.

Seems he has lower expectations for both men. Not that either will show the directional deadliness of the retired Jeff Feagles for some time. But I don't think getting a punt on or just outside the numbers is too much to ask of even a rookie. However, Quinn said he's not even looking for that much.

"Really, the thing we'll ask them is, Jeff was putting it outside the numbers. These guys may put it inside the numbers. But they will at least give us some direction and allow us to cover the kick."

Bet the return guys around the NFC East will be delighted to hear that. Here's something else that might put a smile on their faces. Neither Dodge nor Bond showed much consistency during minicamp. Bond, especially, boomed a couple of beautiful, spiraling kicks, but later knocked a couple end over end short. Dodge exhibited some leg, too, but also shanked his share.

Feagles worked with them the whole minicamp on both the punting and holding aspects of the job. He's not ready to become a fulltime coach yet, but if the Giants are smart, they'll bring him up to Albany and let him keep coaching these guys up. If Quinn is to be believed, there are no plans for bringing in a veteran punter from the outside. When asked if he believes the punter is on the roster now, he replied, "Oh, yes."

If that's truly the case, fourth down in 2010 could turn into a real adventure.



  1. Feags will be waiting in the wings if these guys are chumps.

  2. I have a feeling that pre-season punting and kicking is a lot like pre-season pitching in baseball. Sometimes the results are secondary to experimentation, tinkering, and conditioning. I've seen Hall of Fame pitchers yak up 5 runs an inning in the pre-season and then be almost unhittable when the season starts. Hopefully they'll get their game together.

  3. I completely agree Lou. Definitely a difference in June than September. Hopefully Bond and Dodge will work on their craft more before training camp. I am not tremendously concerned, but this does worry me. Special teams is vital and can really hurt us, especially with some of the dangerous returners in our division. If I read this again in mid-August or see this in pre-season, I will call Mr. Feagles myself to try and persuade him to come back. On a seperate note, our special teams coach should really be walking on egg shells. The special teams were atrocious last year!

  4. Tom Quinn has to be the most laid back specials team coach in the league. Where's the fire and intensity in this guy? I was shocked when he held on to his job after last season. I guess Coughlin had some reasson for not making a coaching change.