Thursday, June 10, 2010

Different Strokes

Just a wild shot here, but don't think the Giants will go for this naming rights offer. First of all, it's only for $25 million over five years, which is well below the $250-$300 million over 10 the Giants and Jets are reportedly looking for.

Second, it's, well, shall we say, a little creepy. The website is for people looking to have extra-marital affairs. Can't quite see the God-fearing Mara family hanging something like that on their new stadium.

The flip side of that issue does offer interesting possibilities, however. Lorena Bobbitt Field, perhaps?



  1. Ernie: Can you clarify those numbers, please? I would certainly take 25 million over 5 years as opposed to 300 grand over 10 years...

  2. Oops. You're right. Forgot some zeroes. Will fix.

  3. Nah, your right Ernie...stick to the straight and narrow. You know, something like Citigroup, Enron, BP, Lehman Bros, you know, something we can trust.

  4. I think it would be great! The team screwed it's fans with this utterly unnecessary, greedy new stadium. Might as well name it after a website dedicated to screwing people in more ways then one.

    At least Ashley Madison is honest about their intentions.

  5. AMEN John B, whattya know somebody with some sense posting on this site. I personally dont care what its called and would welcome Ashley Madison. It really doesnt matter because it will always be PSL stadium to me.

  6. Yeah, pretty funny there John. Bottom line, this is simply a publicity stunt by that website. Hey, how the heck else do you get the word out? I'll give 'em credit for a bright idea.

    Not gonna be the Field though, rest assured.

    Great comment on companies "we can trust" from someone above as well!