Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More On Jones

Here's a story from The Advocate of Baton Rouge, that was obviously written before news of Chad Jones' transport to New York Presbyterian Hospital became public. Interesting to note that cops did not take a breathalyzer or a blood test, but have no reason to believe alcohol had any role in the third-round safety's car accident early Friday morning.



  1. No, it's not interesting. Just because they didn't take the tests doesn't make him guilty. Everyone needs to just get off that.

  2. Ok, I stand corrected. I cannot believe that the hospital did not take tests prior to surgery. That is actually a huge error on their part. So, Wayno, I stand corrected. Did not have this information prior. I agree with anonymous above, innocent until proven guilty. Gotta love the Constitution. I will note in the article, the police had no reason to suspect alcohol was a factor.

  3. No reason except 3 men who were out really late getting in an accident where weather wasn't a factor. Like I said, good thing the accident happened in Tiger country. For all of our sakes next time Chad should take a cab because he won't be so lucky to just hurt himself but one of us also.

  4. Wayno - 1) none of the witnesses police spoke to that saw him out that night saw him drinking. So, he either has lots of friends (a possibility, certainly) or he was not drinking 2) Not his fault the hospital and police dropped the ball. I would be willing to bet everything I own he didn't scream from his stretcher as he was being rushed into surgery "Don't take a blood test!" In fact, Jones agent, when he first addressed the press, was positive that the tests had been taken. 3)reported on June 26 "The Associated Press writes that Jones' accident was caused when he turned his wheel quickly trying to get off the streetcar tracks." Which, if you have ever spent time in New Orleans, you know is a driving hazard in NO, much like getting into a crash with a cab is a threat in NYC. Unfortunately, none of this proves he's innocent, but what little evidence there is points more towards this being a foolish mistake of driving on the tracks as opposed to a DWI. I understand in a League with Mike Vick and Ben Roethlisberger is easy to assume the worse. But this may be nothing more than one than a really bad auto accident. One thing we can be sure of, if he was drinking, someone saw it and will, eventually, sell his or her story to highest bidder. No one passes up their 15 minutes of fame anymore - especially when some tabloid will throw you a few bucks for giving them the "exclusive story".

  5. Ernie & co....for those wishing to see former NYG DT Troy Archer here is a snippet of Bengals vs Giants in the snow 1977 CBS feed Lindsey Nelson announcing.


    Giants D

    RE Jack Gregory
    RT Tory Archer
    LT John Mendenhall
    LE George Martin

    ROLB Brad Van Pelt
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