Monday, June 14, 2010

Tyree visits

There was a familiar figure hanging out at the last OTA in sweats and sneakers. None other than David Tyree, former Giants special teams wiz who authored the ball-to-head catch everyone will always remember from the team's Super Bowl XLV victory over the Patriots.

Tyree has joined the ranks of the unemployed after serving a year with Baltimore. He said he's heard from a couple of teams, but nothing substantive has come out of any talks. And to tell you the truth, the way he was talking Friday, it seemed as though Tyree was ready to follow in the retirement footsteps of the guy whose punts he so often downed near the goal line, Jeff Feagles.

"I don't have my heart set on anything," said Tyree, who welcomed a new son, Solomon, into the world the previous Sunday. "I'm just enjoying being a fulltime dad and husband."

Tyree insisted his appearance at the OTA was not a job-hunting exercise, but rather a chance to meet up with some familiar old faces. One of those faces, of course, was not there. Receiver Plaxico Burress remains jailed for carrying and discharging an illegal firearm. But he wasn't far from Tyree's mind.

Never was. When Tyree arrived in Baltimore last year, he asked for and received No. 17, as much a reminder about how he straightened out his own life after cops picked him up on a marijuana charge in his early Giants career than a tribute to his friend.

"I'm an example of somebody who could be right there with him," Tyree said. "You never know."

Now, he appears ready to sail into the rest of his life.

"I'm working out, but not to the level I'm supposed to," Tyree said. "It's hard to continue to play and condition yourself at a pro level.

"I'm not officially done, but I'm not one of those guys who's going to come in for a tryout. And at the end of the day, I'm a Giant. When I decide to retire, I'll let the world know I'm a Giant."



  1. For the rest of his life he will be a draw with his autograph and can carve out a good career thanks to that one catch. Godspeed and good luck in ur travels and please don't get any ideas that the Giants would be even remotely interested in ur services for another go around.

  2. @Wayno2424
    Jeeez that showing some love for a Giant that played an integral part in winning the SB. Your statement is sort of a backhanded compliment.

    Tyree was a great special teamer great teammate and will be forever remembered as making one of the greatest catches in not only Giants history but SB history.

    If he becomes part of or affiliated with the Giants in anyway I would be especially proud to have him.

  3. What could Tyree do for the Giants? He can't play anymore. Could he coach? I highly doubt it since he sems more interested in procreating and rolling spliff's. As I said, Godspeed and good luck Mr. Tyree.

  4. To build on SW1138, Tyree was a Pro Bowler! And I don't think an implication was made for Tyree to coach the Giants. There are always other positions within the franchise for retired players. Geesh, Wayno, did you celebrate the huge catch during the SB? I will forever be in debt to Tyree for that catch! And for Eli escaping all of those would-be sacks. Yeah, Tyree will not be in the HoF, but he is one of those guys that will be a Giant for life.