Friday, June 11, 2010

OTA Today

The Giants have their 12th OTA today, and yours truly will be using this as a warmup to next week's minicamp. So we'll have some stories from the locker room later. No video today -- camera's out of order -- but I'm hoping it'll be back in shape for the minicamp.

Talk to you guys later.



  1. Jets cut their psl prices hahahahahahahah ahahah DAN IS A SUCKER!!!

  2. is dan a jets fan? if he bought jets psl's and they cut the price i assume he would get a refund.

  3. He will:

    Interesting that they're having trouble ripping off the fans like this. I assume the Giants sold out already? Much bigger fanbase...

  4. not all their premium psl's hahaha hahah hahah or the naming rights haha hahaha haha, We will get plenty of opportunities to buy tix on the secondary mkt..... SUCKERS!