Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back Again

Day No. 2 of minicamp, and we're here. The usual stuff coming up -- practice video, some locker room tidbits. So keep looking in throughout the day.

We'll probably hear more about Domenik Hixon's right knee, which he appeared to sprain on a punt return yesterday afternoon when his foot got caught in the new turf of the stadium.

Also keep this in mind. Yesterday afternoon, we saw the first evidence of the battle for the left tackle spot, as Will Beatty went in at LT beside incumbent David Diehl at LG. That's going to be an interesting situation as we go along, with Rich Seubert as possibly the odd man out.

Any preferences there?



  1. Seubert would seem to make the perfect super sub, at guard and even center if need be. But Beatty has a big responsibilty if he gets the LT spot.
    I wonder more about McKenzie staying healthy and if not, then Beatty is at RT instead.
    I look at this season as the year Beatty fills in on both sides at times

  2. On an offensive line that clearly underwhelmed last year especially when it came to short yardage run-blocking Seubert was clearly the weak link. Diehl is a decent left tackle but is better suited for Guard. As long as big mac is healthy Seubert is the odd man out but a very capable first backup in the twilight of his career.

    GREAT COVERAGE ERN, why are the comments posting but the homepage still saying 0 comments?????

  3. Hey Ernie,

    Rumour has it that JPP and Seubert got into it yesterday with reports of fists flying. Did you see any of that? If so, how did JPP handle it?

    Chris B.

  4. Ernie - word out of DC is that the skins could cut Haynesworth and will go after his bonus. Thoughts on the impact of this on the NFC East? Do the Giants sign him to a one year, incentive laden contract? He played well under those conditions in Nashville. Reese clearly was interested when he was a free agent, is the interest still there? I know this a Giants blog, but this could end up being Giants news. What say you?