Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coming to NY

The Giants announced today that third-round safety Chad Jones, who underwent eight hours of surgery on his left leg and ankle following a car accident in New Orleans Friday morning, is being transfered to Manhattan's New York Presbyterian-Cornell Weill Medical Center.

Jones had been in the LSU Public Hospital, where doctors worked to restore blood flow to his shattered leg and ankle. He is now expected to undergo other cosmetic and orthopedic procedures in New York.

"Chad has received outstanding medical care from the doctors and nurses in New Orleans since his accident. They've shown great compassion," said Giants vice president of medical services Ronnie Barnes. "After consulting with our doctors, Chad's doctors at LSU and his family felt like this move to New York was the next logical step in his care and recovery."

Jones is being moved via MedJet Assist of Birmingham, Ala. He will be accompanied by his girlfriend on the flight, and his parents will follow on a commercial flight shortly thereafter. Director of Player Development Charles Way, who has been with Jones and his family since Saturday, will accompany the safety's parents.



  1. Good thing the accident happened in Tiger country as the police found no need to administer a breath or blood toxicology test.

  2. If you read all of the initial reports, tox screens were done at the hospital. That is standard procedure. Takes days and up to weeks to get certain tests results back. Be patient and you can crucify him once results are in. Police said that they had no reason to believe that alcohol or drugs played a role in the accident. So, here's a shot in the dark, maybe he is innocent and this was just a bad accident! Or maybe it is not. We will all know soon.

  3. We won't know because police NEVER took blood, get ur facts straight and don't be such a DB!

  4. Does not matter whether police took blood at the scene, I work in a hospital, standard procedure to take blood for tox screen following such an accident AT THE HOSPITAL. Usually done by police orders. At the scene, they are worried about saving dude's life. At hospital they can take blood, trust me, they have the technology. Get your facts straight.

  5. I stand corrected after reading Ernie's next post.