Monday, June 21, 2010

One Punter

Unless the Giants go out of the organization for a punter, it looks like they are giving the job to seventh-round draft pick Matt Dodge. Jy Bond, the Australian Rules transplant, was released today, along with four other players to clear space for when the Giants begin signing their draft choices.

Kicker Sam Swank had already been shown the door when third-round safety Chad Jones signed last week. Today, they released Bond, DB Vince Anderson, TE Carson Butler, and LBs Lee Campbell and Micah Johnson.

Johnson had been a much-ballyhooed undrafted pickup on this blog, and he solid rookie minicamp tryout earned him a contract and a shot at last week's full-team minicamp. But he was all but invisible in the three-day workouts.

They'll still need to release one more player to accommodate all six remaining draftees.



  1. oldtimebigbluefanJune 21, 2010 6:03 PM

    Ernie, Once they put Hixon on IR, they will be able to sign the rest of their picks without any other cuts.

  2. Actually, the proper Aussie expression for this would be "Fair Dinkum!".

    Chris B.

  3. Hey Ernie,
    I see that the Giants have Jake Ballard, a TE from Ohio State (6'6", 265) listed on their website roster as a Wide Receiver. I thought it was just a typo but then I saw that they've issued him #81, a WR number. What's the scoop on this?

  4. Matt Dodge will be good and will also provide some bang on special teams, the guy is huge. Players in college were saying he hit harder than some LB's on the team.

  5. Thanks for the updates Ernie!

    Sam Swank?

    Swam Sank?

    hmm, marketing idea perhaps?