Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jerry Says

General manager Jerry Reese said he's having the manufacturers of the new stadium's FieldTurf surface inspect it for potential problems with the seams. But he said that had nothing to do with the torn right ACL that has sidelined kick returner Domenik Hixon for the season.

"It could have happened right out here, on the grass," Reese said as the Giants worked on their natural grass practice field Wednesday afternoon. "Where Domenik went down (near the numbers), that had nothing to do with seams. Where he went down, there were no seams over there. It was just a freak thing to happen, and we’ll just have to deal with it."

Reese indicated there could be a problem with the tray system at midfield that holds the pellets of the field's crushed rubber base under the removable logos. He said alterations might be in order there.

The biggest problem as far as the Giants are concerned lies with the punt return game, where Hixon was adept at providing field position. Reese said Aaron Ross could be a candidate, since he returned punts in college, as well as Mario Manningham. But never has served in that role in the NFL, so the likeliest candidate may be Sinorice Moss. He's done both punts and kickoffs, but has not been impressive at either spot.

Reese said he'd also look into trade possibilities.



  1. Well, if I'm Moss I am trying to get as good as I can at kick returning. I think its his only chance of making the squad with the depth we have at receiver.

    Sucks for Hixon.

    Chris B.

  2. Its a pity that Mangini now has Holmgren looking over his shoulder, otherwise we'd have been able to get Cribbs for a 7th round pick and our last Rolo.

  3. Moss sucks! He sucks at kick returns! Both punts and kickoffs! As long as he's been with the team and the longer he's been with the team I've grown weary and just less and less impressed with him. If he hasn't adapted by now I don't see anything happening in the future. I'm not sure what the G'Men see in this guy. We're better off getting someone off the street.

  4. I hate to "pile on" but I agree on Moss. He is not going to suddenly become a different player overnight. He's not an NFL talent. Keep him around long enough to let Chad Jones beat him out and then cut him.