Friday, June 18, 2010

Bulluck Coming Home?

Former Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck grew up in New City of Rockland County and attended Clarkstown North High. So coming to the Giants as opposed to, say, the Detroit Lions as a veteran free agent would certainly be more appealing to him.

He said as much on Sirius Radio to hosts Adam Schein and Jim Miller. But that may just be wishful thinking on his part. Right now, the Lions have an opening at weakside linebacker. And while the Giants would appear to have spots ripe for the taking in the middle and on the strongside, one would certainly wonder if they'd have any interest in bringing in a 33-year-old just six months out of ACL surgery.

He might fit better with the Lions, whose coach, Jim Schwartz, loves Bullock from Schwartz' days as the Titans' defensive coordinator. But Bulluck, who said he's not going to make any free agent visits for the next couple of weeks, mentioned the Giants in particular as a potential landing spot.

"The New York Giants is what's up," Bulluck said. "I'll stay right here (in Rockland County). I'm right down the turnpike."

But he said Detroit and the Titans are also possible. Just as well. It'd be hard to believe the Giants would be interested in old, damaged goods when they seem to be committed to developing youngsters like Jonathan Goff, Phillip Dillard, Clint Sintim, and Bryan Kehl in the middle and strong side.

What do you guys think?



  1. Not gonna happen. They are completely committed to who they have, in my opinion. If they weren't they would have gone after someone by now.

    Chris B

  2. I think the Giants are still keeping their options open in terms of bringing in new blood at 3 different positions. 1. Kick returner/special teams demon 2. LB 3. Punter, in that order. The coaches are clearly underwhelmed at LB as shown by their lukewarm comments toward the group and to simply discount Bullick at this point would be foolish to think.

  3. I like the idea of bringing him in for a looksie, yes.

  4. " would certainly wonder if they'd have any interest in bringing in a 33-year-old just six months out of ACL surgery."

    Yes indeed. One would certainly have to wonder that for sure. Especially me.

  5. Worth the gamble....the present group is a bad (the worst I have seen in Giants uniform)bunch of LB's. At least Bullock has a good attitude and is a good guy from what I have heard, anyway. Give him a try.