Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Davis Claimed

Remember when we talked about rehabbing running back Andre Brown potentially returning kickoffs. Well, he's got company now. The Giants were awarded former Cincinnati wide receiver/kick returner Chris Davis off waivers.

Davis, out of Florida State, was Tennessee's fourth-round pick in 2007. The fact that the guy catches passes, too, could be bad news for Sinorice Moss, who is trying to stick around for a fifth season despite doing, oh, zero notable things over his first four seasons.



  1. I love it! Lets bring in more!

  2. One of the great Giants mysteries is why Sinorice Moss is still on the roster. Maybe this will be his ticket out of town.

    What do we know about this guys skills? Anyone have any special team stats? I don't follow Cincy at all.

    Chris B.

  3. Is he any good this guy? Can't be much if he's been sitting around since 2007.

  4. Hey, Sinorice keeps several physical therapists and doctors busy all season, every season. In this economy, you have to respect a guy that provides so many people with jobs.

  5. Davis has been as unproductive as Moss but worth a look see in camp - they do need an effective punt returner.

  6. Put Chad Jones on Atkins for three weeks and hand him the job.