Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Something To Like

Seems the defensive players are enjoying new defensive coordinator Perry Fewell's new system. At least that's what general manager Jerry Reese said at the Giants Foundation golf outing yesterday.

He said DT Barry Cofield told the general manager he was especially pleased with Fewell's plans.

"I feel good about my role in this defense," Reese said Cofield told him.

Reese said he expects to hear that from others, too.

"I think guys are going to feel good about what they’re doing," Reese said. "He’s going to be solid, he’s going to be aggressive. You see him at practice, he’s got a lot of energy. I think the players like that. … (The defense is) attacking. It’s fundamentals. He stresses fundamentals and details. The players like to be held accountable in that way. It should be fun for them."

Given the animation reporters saw from Fewell during the rookie minicamp and beyond, it's obvious he's going to be a big change from the placid Bill Sheridan. That's a good thing. There's nothing wrong with a cerebral approach, but a little emotion to get the players' blood pumping can do wonders for a unit coming off a down year.




  1. This guy isnt gonna put up with morons like Osi and once Fewell realizes OSI SUX, he will be right back on the bench where he finished last season.

    New blood and new ideas were needed and for the most part addressed in the offseason.

  2. haha, osi (vital part of super bowl run, and pro bowler) sux, zzzzzzzzz........... ok

  3. please refrain from imitating or mocking other posters haha

  4. have the giants signed any of the draftees? when is the next OTA? Patti T had some nice stuff on Barden, but other than that the online Giants journalism is very weak compared to others.

  5. jason from texas (aka Whyno2424)June 03, 2010 5:15 PM

    haha, consider it done, just thought i would joke for a little bit