Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jones Is Learning

Just before third-round safety Chad Jones signed his four-year, $2.68 million contract yesterday, he said he was more than satisfied with his rate of progress. Better than that, he's getting comfortable in Perry Fewell's defense.

When he first arrived, terminology was a big problem for him. But no more.

"It's been like a 360 (actually a 180)," Jones said, "from coming in and getting a little confused to what it is now. "But they bang the terminology into you, the coaches and your teammates, and you eventually remember it."

He said he sees no reason he shouldn't be totally comfortable with the system's language by training camp.

The dreadlocked Jones, a former LSU pitcher who had pro potential, has also lost a few pounds, as per coach's orders. He's at 218 now, and he said the coaches have been impressed with how he's moving around at that weight.

"At 218, I'm right about where they want me," Jones said.

The way he moved on the practice field, it seems he's ready to serve as an aggressive, early complement to Antrel Rolle and Deon Grant while Kenny Phillips finishes the rehab on his left knee. Of course, Michael Johnson is still around, too, but it's likely Jones and the veteran will waged a pitched training camp battle for that next slot on the depth chart.

And don't be surprised if Jones comes out of that one on top.



  1. Michael Johnson will be lucky to make the team after his pathetic, unspirited performance last year.

  2. I agree Wayno. Everyone was on CC Brown last year, and yes he was brutal. However, in some games I actually thought MJ played worse.

    To be honest, I would be worried about Chad Jones if he doesn't beat out MJ.

    Chris B.

  3. I am hoping that MJ just had an off year. Two years ago he looked like a good developing safety. New competition should bring out a better prepared player. If he responds, then our depth is better. A new DC, a new philosophy, just might be the ticket. I prefer to view the glass as half full.