Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tracy And Dillard In

A day after clearing out some roster space for rookie signings, the Giants brought two of their draftees into the fold by signing sixth-round linebacker Adrian Tracy and agreeing to terms with fourth-round linebacker Phillip Dillard.

Tracy, the 184th overall pick, signed a four-year deal that is believed worth slightly more than the four-year, $1.895 million contract than the 185th pick received. That would be Seahawks TE Anthony McCoy, who received a $105,000 signing bonus.

The terms of Dillard's deal are not known, though it, too, is likely for four years. The players drafted on either side of Dillard signed three-year deals.

At any rate, with third-round safety Chad Jones signing before minicamp, that makes three draft picks in, with four remaining.



  1. One of many positive attributes Jerry Reese has is getting these players in on time and never letting the negotiations get publicly acrimonious. I expect JPP to be signed a solid 2 weeks before camp starts.

  2. Wow Wayno, a compliment that doesn't include Ernie. Is that a first?

  3. I am pumped about having a Blackshirt on this defense. I really hope Dillard has a great career!

  4. Micah Johnson we hardly knew thee....

    when can a player be put onto the practice squad?