Thursday, May 6, 2010

80 Men Strong

The Giants' roster is at the maximum 80-man limit, most recently attained by the signing of undrafted linebacker Micah Johnson of Kentucky the final day of rookie minicamp.

But here's something you may not know. Those seven draft picks don't count against the roster until they sign their contracts, which won't happen for a few weeks. So, here's a proposition.

If you had to leave the undrafted free agents alone -- we believe in opportunity on this blog -- what veterans would you cut, in order, as each draft pick signs. Remember now, you can only cut vets, so seven of those guys who were either on last year's roster or came in the first part of free agency have to go. Prioritize your list. First draft pick signed, first to go. Then explain.

Have fun.



  1. 1. Rocky Bernard for obvious reasons.
    2. Derek Hagan--crowded at WR already and our younger guys are better.
    3. Adam Koets--victim of the numbers game.
    4. Sinorice Moss--no longer needed as "cheap insurance" in case Hixon goes down on STs--we've got Chad Jones now to do returns if necessary.
    5.Dave Tollefson--victim of the numbers again--love the guy but can't keep him.
    6. Zak DeOssie--with Alford back, do we really need to carry him just to snap the ball? Contributes nothing else that I'm aware of.
    7. Bryan Kehl--Sorry dude, but you've had a couple of seasons and it ain't workin' out.

    Okay, start hammering me.

  2. First 5 look good to me. Not sure on 6 and 7.

  3. Adam,
    Yeah, I know, but it's gotta be 7. Who would you cut at 6 and 7?

  4. 1. Sinorice Moss -- waste that will never develop into a viable NFL player

    2. Derek Hagan -- Why is he still on the team? There are no undrafted speedsters out there?

    3. Osi -- That might not be smart because u could get a pick back, but that would sure solve the attitude problems on d real quick

    4. Lawrence Tynes -- Maybe Bond or Aussie rules
    can kick

    5. Wilkinson -- Kehl and Blackburn have shown more and deserve to stick around.

    6. Michael Johnson -- Hello Mr. Grant, Rolle and Jones.

    7. Rocky Bernard -- Did he make a tackle on somebody other than his waman last year?

  5. Lou,
    How bout Gatrell Johnson at 6. We have Andre Brown coming back off injury so he can be expandable. and Sha'reff Rashad with #7. With us picking up 2 safeties in Free Agency and 1 in the Draft I think he could be let go.

  6. I think I would cut Goff or Wilkinson before I cut Kehl.

  7. I'm surprised about the lack of love for Hagan. I thought he did well in his limited role. He's certainly far more valuable and useful than Moss. I am puzzled about how Moss has managed to last this long. The VERY few flashes he has shown, have always been followed by the yearly trip to IR. That guy must have pictures or video of someone high up in the Giants organization. He strikes me as a guy who would have a tough time making an Arena football team because of his lack of durability. Rocky Bernard strikes me as completely useless. Tynes needs to go. Has Jacob Bender ever taken a single snap? Now that we have the kid form OSU, Scott Chandler is expendable at TE. I don't think Danny Ware will ever develop into a weapon. I'm not a believer in Guy Whimper.

  8. Adrian,
    Thought about Gartrell but the injuries to Bradshaw, Jacobs, and especially Brown give me great concern about our RB depth. Especially since DJ Ware showed so little toughness and desire last year.
    Rashad is a good one.

  9. I actually like Derek Hagan but I don't see how we can keep him numbers-wize. I can't stand Moss, but I think the Giants were smart to keep him because he's a returner--a sucky one, but he's a returner. Now with Chad Jones on the roster we can finally jettison the Moss ballast.

  10. What about Riley Ruben, Jacob Bender(G/T), Carson Butler(te) & Courtney Brown (cb). We don't need to cut big names. I think there is a better chance of cutting some of these guys.

  11. Obviously in this scenario, you 1st get rid of players that have no shot of making the team. For example, there are 6 TE's on the roster. Besides the 2 locks, you keep the best blocker and perhaps one another that has a combo of hands and blocking technique (that's 2 right there). Then there's the CB position. All of the starters are more or less safe except for Bruce Johnson. Probably keep the best out of DJ Johnson, Seth Williams, and Leon Wright (that's another 2). You can also get rid of Victor Cruz WR, Herb Taylor T, Jacob Bender T, Riley Ruben G, etc.

    I think it's too easy to focus on players that we've grown tired of and would rather see as ex-Giants than to focus on the whole and eliminate those with unrealistic chances of ever making it on the team.

  12. I forgot Jacob Bender is on the team. Hahahahah Completely useless. He was the opening day starter for the Jets a couple years ago and that lasted about 2 games as he played some of the worst Guard I have ever seen. Jets let Pete Kendall go for no good reason and then overreacted by throwing all taht $ at Faneca because this guy was so bad.

  13. Moss
    Michael Johnson

    are the first 4. thereafter it gets harder. Wilkinson, Ware, Hagan, Tollefson, Chandler, Pascoe, Butler are all fringe candidates

  14. 1. Moss
    2. Koets
    3. DJ Ware
    4. Bernard
    5. Tollefson
    6. Tynes
    7. M Johnson



  16. Uve got to be kidding me anon. Aaron Ross is the future at corner. He's got all the talent in the world and the pieces are in place for him to shine this year, despite past injuries. Webster and Ross. Phillips and rolle. Best in the league baby!!

  17. why do all you idiots want to drop Goff and our long snapper?
    Remember the 08 game vs the steelers when we injured their long snapper? Free points. That's the only reason we beat them.

    I'd drop last years practice squad being that no one will sign them so if we need them we just cut someone else and resign them.

    Goff is our starting MLB until further notice. So chill with that bull shit.