Tuesday, May 18, 2010

OTAs Begin

Today is the first OTA (Organized Team Activity) for the Giants, and Osi Umenyiora said on his web page that he's ready to get going. What's more, he said he couldn't quite understand what all the fuss has been about.

"I've been in New York the last two weeks working with the team," the defensive end wrote last night. "I'm not sure what all the fuss has been about with me. There has been a lot of talk about me, about me getting traded. I didn't get traded, I'm with the team and have been with the team. I think people have been looking for me to do something to cause dissension, but that's not happening.

"I'm focused on working and want to do all I can to help this team win games. Honestly, I think everyone on the team has been here working, I don't think anyone has been missing. The atmosphere has been great and I think it's needed. I'm looking forward to starting OTAs. We've all been off football for awhile so practice together as a team will be great."

In case Osi needs a refresher course, whatever fuss there has been was caused by, well, Osi. You don't go on a radio tour at the Super Bowl, spouting about playing status guarantees and trade wishes, and not expect some sort of backlash. So, as a result, Umenyiora comes into these OTAs with a definite need to show his head and heart are still with the team.

He got himself off to a good start by not ditching the offseason conditioning program.

"For me, now that I'm getting a little older, I try to get into football earlier," Umenyiora said. "I try to take a week or two off when the season ends and then start working out again. I don't like to let my body get out of shape. I've done it before and it's a whole lot easier to just stay in shape."

Now, as it hits its second stage -- onfield instruction in defensive coordinator Perry Fewell's new system -- he needs to kick it up a notch. That would help not only himself, but set the example for kids like drafted linemen Jason Pierre-Paul and Linval Joseph.

He seemed ready.

No media access today, but I'm sure we'll hear about how it all went.



  1. Well it sounds like he's done a 180. That's good because playing time is going to be at a premium with who's in camp for all defensive lineman.

    Being part of the solution, not the problem, is the right way for Osi to be thinking.

    Chris B.

  2. A quote from Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post:

    "Osi has to play better. I think it starts with him, I think he has to accept the fact that he didn't play well. Denver's game plan last year [Thanksgiving night] was to run the ball right at him, 31 times in the game ... he didn't make a tackle, he didn't do anything," Lombardi said.

    31 running plays.
    No tackles.
    Demands to start.

    He's got a LOT to prove.

  3. This punk should be off the team and is as clueless as ever.

  4. I never doubted that OSI would be part of this team. To much was made of his comments. Things were a disaster last year and he was upset and blowing off steam. I mean it was a DISASTER. He obviously did not get along with Sheridan and his attitude just carried into the offseason. If it gets him fired up this year the better. But I think there is a difference between what he did last year and what Shockey did his entire stay here...be a loud mouth jerk! It's to bad JS got his ring because I would loved to have seen him retire without it!

    Go Giants!

  5. At least Shockey did his job on the field, even if he was a jerk.

    If we would have put Shockey in for Osi against Denver, I would bet a substantial amount of money that even though he's not a defensive end, Shockey would have found a way to make a couple of tackles. Even if he was playing in pain.

    Shockey was not a durable player as a Giant, but you can never accuse him of not giving effort or not competing.

  6. Lou,

    I'm with you. Osi was bad last year, especially against the run. I have stated many times, the easiest four yards in football last year was running at him.

    Let's hope that changes. He wasn't that bad before so lets hope for a snap back. However, Osi surely wasn't the only one who played bad last year. He, like everyone on that unit, has a lot to prove.

    Chris B.

  7. people seem to forget that Osi was coming back from an injury which was actually quite horrible and which most medical chaps said would take until this season to be fully healed. yeah, he didn't play well last season, but i think generally he played as well as could possibly be expected and when he played very badly the injury exacerbated that.

  8. He played above avg when he had a Tuck and Strahan.... I'm sick of talking about this punk. Just shut up and play ur alast year in a Giant Uni fool.

  9. @Lou

    I loved Shockey when he was drafted and still remember going to Giants stadium and seeing him in a preseason game. He bowled everyone over and was just a dominant player coming from the start. I was to young to remember Bavaro but I know he is revered by Giants Fans. Having seen clips of him in action I understand why. I thought Jeremy was the 2nd coming of Bavaro.

    But for me, his prone to injury and loudmouth antics couldn't make up for his production on the field. You could tell he had problems with Coughlin and hated being a blocker and complained about it his entire time he was there. He was detrimental to Eli's development and to the team as a whole...he was just to controversial. He never trained with the team, which OSI does, and was just a me first player. It's just no comparison between him and OSI.

    I think OSI coming a bum year will come back strong. At least I hope. As stated I will take OSI over him any day. Jeremey was a real headache.

  10. Adrian Tracy is going to add some much needed run support to the Giants LB corps. A DE in college he's going to be a stud OLB in their scheme. Mark my words he will be the shining star of this draft class.


  11. We have a William & Mary alum in our midst, no doubt.

    I hope it works out for all of us!

  12. Lou - Are you serious about Shockey? Of course, he took plays off and there were plenty of times he didn't compete. What was my favorite was when he would he drop a ball and show no remorse but if Eli "missed" him when he felt he was open, he would denigrate and abuse Manning and have a tantrum on the field. He was and is garbage.

    1138sw - Shockey couldn't carry Bavaro's jock. Bavaro was the ultimate pro. Whatever was asked of him he did without complaint. He was a warrior that gave the Giants everything he had every play. Shockey was all about Shockey. Sorry you missed Bavaro. It was a pleasure to watch him play. I'm only sorry his career was too short for the HOF. He deserves to be in there for his heart alone. No one gave more on the field.

  13. I'll never forgive Shockey for dropping the pass against the 49ers in the playoffs, no remorse, he started laughing because the Gmen were leading at the time.

  14. To GOGO above,

    I watched Tracy play a few times and he can be a dominant player at times, but not sure about the level of competition.

    One thing I love is that the LB group has some real gamers in there now, guys who seem to have a reputation of making plays despite their limitations. Sometimes these types of players work out well for a team. The great Sam Mills comes to mind..