Friday, May 28, 2010

Kiwi In Crash

Mathias Kiwanuka was in a motorcyle crash with his 32-year-old brother Benedict in Indianapolis earlier this afternoon. The brother is said to be in critical condition after being hit by a car pulling out of a parking lot and flung 100 feet into the middle of the street. Mathias is OK but shaken after taking a spill.

Here's the full story from Ralph V. One sobering thought worth noting; It's not clear whether either brother was wearing a helmet. Big no-no if they weren't. Also, alcohol is not believed to be involved.

It's not immediately known whether Kiwi has any restrictive language in his contract that prohibits him from engaging in activities such as motorcycle riding or skydiving that could endanger his football career. Such language has become commonplace in modern contracts, but as Ben Roethlisberger proved a couple of years ago with his near-fatal motorcycle crash, it's not always adhered to.


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