Friday, May 7, 2010

QB Change

The Giants made a small quarterback change, signing Wake Forest tryout guy Riley Skinner and cutting Holy Cross' Dominic Randolph after Skinner showed more impressively in the rookie minicamp.

Randolph had come to the camp already signed.

He makes the second tryout to get to the June minicamp, as Kentucky LB Micah Johnson's signing will become official today.

In one other bit of news, LBs Bryan Kehl and Phillip Dillard have switched numbers. Kehl will wear No. 55, and Dillard will wear No. 53.



  1. Wow, I thought they really liked Randolph.

  2. Did Dillard pay Kehl to get his number? Consider it severance for a guy who's had every chance to get on the field and hasn't

  3. Skinner's deal is a 2 yr deal, is that the norm for undrafted free agents?

    He ran an amazing 4.4 at his pro day. The kinda guy that could make a play in the clutch with his feet or his arm. IMO, this is the type of guy you want in reserve.

    his career at WF was phenomonal, he's one of the top QBs in the ACC and statistically way better than the ill-fated Dave Brown.

    He will compete for the spot, no doubt

  4. I liked Skinner at WF, they have a wide open offense so his numbers might be inflated, but he's accurate.

  5. Ok, let's put in a wildcat package with a coupleof plays and try it out in week 4!