Friday, May 21, 2010

Medical Update

Today is the Giants' third OTA, and there is some bad news and good news on the medical front.

The bad news is that the offensive line will lose some depth heading into the season as Kevin Boothe recovers from surgery on a torn pectoral muscle he suffered while working out earlier this week. He's scheduled for surgery Tuesday, and will be out at least four months.

It could well be longer, however. You may recall that washout defensive lineman William Joseph suffered a torn pec also while in the weight room, and it cost him the better part of a year.

Also, tight end Kevin Boss is scheduled for arthroscopic surgery Monday to clean up his right ankle. He's expected to miss four to six weeks, which puts him back in action in time for training camp.

The good news is that running back Brandon Jacobs (knee surgery), defensive end Justin Tuck (shoulder), fullback Madison Hedgecock (shoulder), center Shaun O’Hara (elbow), guard Rich Seubert (shoulder), wide receiver Mario Manningham (shoulder) and linebacker Gerris Wilkinson (wrist) are all participating in the OTAs, as is last year's fourth-round running back Andre Brown following Achilles tendon surgery last summer. Jay Alford, recovering from knee ligaments torn in the preseason, is also back working full-out.

Others who underwent surgery continue to rehab, including safety Kenny Phillips (knee), running back Ahmad Bradshaw (both feet and one ankle), wide receiver Hakeem Nicks (wrist/toe) and defensive tackle Rocky Bernard (shoulder). Bradshaw and Nicks are both expected to return to the practice field within the next two weeks.



  1. Rich Suebert was the happiest guy to see Boothe tear his pec. Now even if he loses his starting job the Giants will have to keep him on the roster. Not the worst thing especially being uncapped.

  2. Hate to see someone get hurt. Boothe I thought was one of the weakest O-Line man play for us. Anyone remember his game against the Cowboys. I think he gave up multiple sacks. Guy Whimper is the better of the 2.

  3. Tearing a pec in the weight room. Just like William Joseph. Tells me somebody wasn't working very hard this off season and then tried to impress somebody. Really ticks me off.

  4. where's Jeff Hatch when we need him?

  5. With today's technology there's no way someone should get hurt in the training room. I witnessed a sports training clinic where they were obtaining real-time info on the athlete during a practice session and pulled them off the field at a pre determined time to minimize the risk of injury.

  6. so what are you saying football players just push it to far?

    where are those big rubber bands that they were using a few years ago on the Yankees when everyone got hurt.

  7. Obvious Lou hasn't lifted weights before. Also obvious Dominick hasn't watched football before. That game Boothe was at tackle against Ware who also beat up Diehl. If the coaches, who know football didn't put in Whimper he can't play. Boothe is a valuble guard.

  8. That's Dr. Jeff Hatch, back surgeon. Took his 3rd round money and promptly went back to medical school.

    j/k...altho who knows?????

    Good update. I am interested in seeing how Andre Brown does this summer.

  9. Androgenous:

    Actually, you're wrong as I suspect you often are but are too smug to know it. Not only have I lifted weights before but I still do and I've been lifting them for 25 years.

  10. Ernie - Is it just my perception or do the Giants suffer a larger than NFL "normal" amount of injuries during training? All teams have guys that get hurt, but it seems to me that NY has more players, more often than other teams do. Someone somewhere has to have run the numbers. What are your thoughts?