Tuesday, May 11, 2010

James Still Alive

The cornerback formerly known as Will Peterson is still alive and kicking, and now will be playing in San Francisco.

Now known as William James, he just signed a one-year deal a season after he toiled for the Detroit Lions for a single season. Before that, he spent a year with the Jaguars and two years with the Eagles following his five-year Giants career. At one point, he and defensive backfield partner Will Allen were thought to be the longstanding secondary of the future, but that went kaput when the gambling but hard-hitting Peterson/James started making too many mistakes and Allen forgot how to hang onto potential interceptions.

Some personal issues also got in the way of James' play. But I always liked the guy, so it's good to see he's gotten himself another job.



  1. This guy is a moron. Coming off injuries he decided to change his name thus making himself less marketable as every GM along the way has to think, what am i getting myself into, how crazy is this guy, is he really worth it?

  2. Reminds me of NHL player Mike Danton, who changed his name from Mike Jefferson due to a falling-out with his family, and who shortly thereafter saw his career with the St louis Blues get cut short when he was arrested and convicted of a plot to murder his agent.