Monday, May 3, 2010

Another Good Article

My friend, Patti Traina, wrote an article on UDFA linebacker Lee Campbell of Minnesota. So give it a read.

He plays in the middle, which means he's at least got a shot in an area of obvious need. But he'll have to beat out a crowded field that includes Jonathan Goff, who started the tail end of last season, and fourth-round pick Phillip Dillard of Nebraska. As any undrafted free agent does, he's got longshot written all over him. But he might be able to push a guy like Dillard to create a closer competition between the draftee and the rest of the field.



  1. keep in mind every time one of the draft picks signs their deal, one of these guys gets cut. This is why one has to question signing so many ILBs, I love the idea of having these guys compete for this big vacancy, but the redundancy at this position means that they would be the easiest to let go.

    IMO, cut Clark, Bernard, Kehl, Whimper, Tollefson, DeOssie, Michael Johnson and Moss to get things blood, new attitude.

  2. To the other Anonymous, what's the point in cutting so many players now (FYI, Clark is no longer on the team and DeOssie is the only long snapper on the team). How should the Giants proceed to fill their preseason roster? You don't expect the starters to play all 4 quarters do you?

  3. to the post above...when did we release Danny Clark? not so sure about this in your mind we keep DeOssie, who is a so so special teams player only because he can long snap, like there are no other long snappers? My point is that it's better to have a long snapper that provides at least some depth at a position, like as a O lineman. Keeping things the way they are now means we have a long snapper who will never see the field in any other capacity. If I could utilize one of the o lineman for this position, then I can keep a linebacker who might do something. You can always keep DeOssie on the practice squad.

    in terms of cutting players, as i wrote in the comment, as the drafted players get signed, the current roster has to be trimmed, this has to happen. This list is just the pecking order in which to do it. Why keep players that are not producing like Moss, Bernard, Danny Clark. Although it's an uncapped year, that won't last forever and you can get rid of these salaries now.

  4. We didn't need to release Clark. He signed a 2 year contact for the 2008 & 2009 seasons. He's a free agent.

    And in regards to DeOssie, you can't get rid of a player who mans a position that has no suitable replacement on the roster. I mean really, the backup to DeOssie is Alford. The other guys can't long snap.

    There shouldn't be this sense of just cutting players on May 4th. There's a process and you just can't speed up the process just because. Just imagine the backlash that a GM would receive for cutting a player thought to be expendable and then needing that same player because of injuries or simply bad production at a position. That really wouldn't be a prudent move.