Saturday, May 1, 2010

On Dillard

Thought I'd start you out today with an interview from yesterday with fourth-round linebacker Phillip Dillard of Nebraska. He's a bit smallish at 6-foot, 245, but neither he nor Tom Coughlin see that getting in the way of his potential at middle linebacker.

Dillard showed good ability in going both forward and backwards into coverage at practice.

"He moves around well," Coughlin said. "He’s juggling around with making the calls and being aligned properly. He was noticeable."

Of all the picks, he's got the best shot at making an immediate impact as a starter, considering the relative inexperience of a middle linebacking depth that includes Jonathan Goff, a transplanted Gerris Wilkinson, and a lightly-used Bryan Kehl.



  1. Did you notice the piece of tape behind him above the names on the lockers? It says Rookies Bit*h. Lol I assume its suppose to be Rookies Bench. Lol

  2. LOL! How the heck did you notice that? That is freakin' HILARIOUS!