Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh, Osi!

Well, he's opened his mouth again, so to speak. Only this time, Osi Umenyiora isn't griping about his playing status. Instead, he's offering his opinion on whether Cleveland Cavaliers great LeBron James should come to New York as an immediate upgrade to the Knicks.

Here's the whole entry. But just to summarize, Umenyiora believes LeBron should stay put, not just because the Cavs need him, but because he'd be risking a major poop-storm if he ever came up with an effort like his no-show playoff game against the Celtics this year. To Umenyiora, it's just not worth the trouble.

The defensive end must have a lot of time on his hands if he feels it necessary to weigh in on another athlete's future in another sport. Ah, the wonders of blogs. Makes you think your opinion is more important than it really is.



  1. Wow! That guy should practice in front of a mirror before he talks so he can hear how foolish he sounds. Every time he talks I have less and less respect for him.

  2. Can we have an OSI blackout until training camp?

  3. LOL.

    Right now he's a microphone magnet.
    Marge Schott didn't get this much attention.

  4. Has this blog become the anti OSI BLOG. Who cares if he has opinions on LeBron! I mean if he has an opinion what does it matter? I mean everyone has a opinion on that subject.

    I mean JEEEEZZZZ it's not like this guy went to a night club and shot himself in the foot or yelled and argued with the General Manager manager of a football team, or had eight children out of wedlock, or killed someone with a car.

  5. 1138sw - It's not like he kept his mouth shut and focused on the job at hand, either. Not hearing about Tuck doing stuff like this are you? It points to a man that is embarassingly unaware of public perception. Is he a nightmare for NY? No. You're right about that. But there's a lot to be said for a guy that has the common sense to just keep quiet.

  6. @ dweez115

    Granted he should be quite. But I for one still believe he has yet to achieve the headache status of Shockey, Tiki, Plax or Strahan. Osi has been a model player since he's been here, never causing trouble until the end of last season heading into 2010. And to be honest, I empathize with OSI because I hated Sheridan too. He was not only trouble for OSI but for every player on that defense. They were just a mess last year and I know the coach isn't always to blame but how can you turn a damn fine defense under Spags into a complete mess in less than a year? If anyone should feel the wrath of fans it's Sheridan.

    All I'm saying is let's see how OSI is during the season as both a player and a Giant Citizen, before we kick him to the curb. He's got a lot to prove, and as a Giant fan I hope he succeeds. Because we need him to win another SB.