Thursday, May 27, 2010

OTA News

Busy today confirming that the younger people living under my roof are way smarter than I am, graduation season and all that. But here's Ralph V's report from today's OTA.

Seems the emminent Rocky Bernard played through a torn rotator cuff last season, perhaps giving rise to the possibility that this year will be a better one for the much-scorned defensive tackle.



  1. Which begs the question, since he played soooo poorly, why wasn't he placed on IR? I had a rotator cuff tear. If that was the issue, I'm amazed he could even get his shoulder pads on. However, there's tough and then there's stupid. He was tough to try to play. The coaches were stupid to allow it. He was clearly ineffective. No reason for him being allowed to continue to play - poorly - and risk his career. He added nothing to the defense when he was out there. Once again, the Giants medical staff behavior sends up red flags.

  2. I would be happy to read this in a post: former giants defensive tackle rocky bernard.....

  3. At 31 years old, if a torn rotator cuff hurt his ability to play that much, he should have opted for surgery. It's a long way back from a cuff and it can be subject to re-injury if not properly rehabilitated. And it's a real pain rehabbing a rotator cuff.