Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let'em Eat Ice

Good column here by Mike Vaccaro of the Post, telling the rest of the country to basically live with it, now that the New York-New Jersey area is getting the Super Bowl. Lots of good points.



  1. Frankly, Ernie, I am pretty tired of hearing all this NY/NJ-bashing. For once, why can't the naysayers try this on for size--just once--and see how it all plays out? If anything, this area definitely has EARNED the right to host the bigest game of the year, if only for the unselfishness of the Mara family in allowing for revenue sharing and welcoming the AFL into the family.

  2. What has warm weather given us??? UHHHH the Giants vs. Patriots in the super bowl!! How memorable was that game? That was smash mouth defenses ending in one of the most suspenseful games I've ever seen. or how about the Last game of the Giants vs. Pats where they scored like 90 points together? Of how about the Giants vs. buffalo in 90??? Or how about the Rams Titans super bowl huh??? Last minute stop of Mcnair as the receiver is dropped on the 1 yard line??? Yeah there are no warm weather games to remember.