Friday, May 7, 2010

Sampling LT

Here's a sampling of columns from the New York dailies on Lawrence Taylor's recent troubles with the law.

From The Daily News.

From the New York Post.

From the Bergen Record.

From the Newark Star-Ledger.




  1. It looks like he is trying break his sacks record with arrests.

    oy vey azamir.

  2. The funny thing was that Francesca has been defending him telling everybody to wait for the facts unlike he has done for anybody else. And u know what, he is right because as more and more facts come out, LT keeps being shown in a better light. Yes, he is a dirtbag but.... she said she was 19 and u have to think he cant do another minute in jail and the DA has to plea this down big time for him.

  3. wayno- mike "i'll shout you down" will be all over LT if he is found guilty. take what Mike says with the faintest of heart. he bellows alot of hot air at times, then flip flops with more hot air. I liked him 20 years ago, now? I can't really listen to him. Dogitis withdrawl I suppose.

    I liked Ernie 20 years ago and I like Ernie even more now with this Blog. Thanks again Ernie!