Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thoughts From A Jersey Boy

Here's the Redskins Blitz blog my good friend, the great Larry Weisman, writes on the Redskins website. He's a funny guy, as you'll see from his thoughts on a New Jersey Super Bowl.

Give it a read.

And while you're at it, here's Mikey G's rundown from the press conference to "welcome home" the winning bid. Governors of both New York and New Jersey attended. Seems those guys have some time on their hands.



  1. I am so sick of everybody calling this a "risk." The pussification of america and the New York area continues.

    The winters typically dont get too bad around here and last i checked weather is a big deal in the whole concept of football SO GET OVER IT.

    Not a bad read Ern, thanks for the link.

  2. Wayno - the only ones at "risk" will be those paying for the game and traveling to the game assuming the end storm is coming. lol. The players? eh, they will play no matter what element is falling.

    Seriously. The game was moved to warm/close to as weather perfect as possible, for the fans in the stands...and the fans at home watching on TV.

    I love a good old fashioned snow fest...I have seen Giants games in fog & freezing rain....but a cold NJ Feb rain? I sat in the old stadium for NJ Gernerals games in Feb/March 1983/84 & 85. Some of those Generals games, the rain was so hard and cold that if I was not 22 yrs old and lubed with copious amounts of liquor, I might have been sicker than I got.

    I watch Larry & Larry Michael every night on Redskins report...not a bad show Ernie. I wish a Giants nightly report was on. hint hint Mr Mara!

  3. The Sound system went out for a few minutes at that "state of the art" stadium last night at Bon Jovi. hahahahah hahah Have fun Dan and Company!

  4. any news from the OTAs?

    can the unsigned rookies participate? Why is Goff at MLB with Wilkinson backing him? neither has done anything positive in their time with NY. I can see a dismal year with these LBs, unless Boley and Sintim really step it up.

  5. I live in DC and folks in the district still manage to talk football year round, but the Giants just don't hold that much interest with the Jerzee showr fan base. why is it you deserve a super bowl? so you can light fires in the stands and basically embarass yourself ala monday night football, or maybe throw some more snowballs at the Chargers?
    Be real, the only thing that keeps the NJ/NY football fans from being the worst are the Eagles fans.
    Will all the jersey people leave the super bowl early to beat the traffic? I love your empty stands by the mid 3rd quarter, they should sell half game tickets to you guys

  6. Loved Weisman's article, thanks for the link Ernie.