Monday, May 3, 2010

Good Piece

Here's a good article on second-round defensive tackle Linval Joseph from Jenny V. at the Star-Ledger.



  1. I posted alot about Linval and what a solid pick he would be. I was also the guy who kept asking about Micah Johnson, glad to see that both came to mini camp and took care of business.

    I like what I read about the CB from Richmond and the WR from Rutgers. I can see a quick slot like receiver making this team as a back up for Steve Smith. I like the idea of having some hungry ILB candidates like Dillard and now Johnson. Maybe the defense suffered from complacency; not enough people earning their playing time. If a rookie CB can beat out the always injured Ross, so be it. This seems to be the theme for this season, you've got to earn it.

  2. O line is a weakness, no depth and no draft...

  3. Almost agree with previous poster, except we drafted Petrus who looks like he'll be a good Guard.

    I've said it before: we needed to take one of the blue chip O-linemen at 15. Either Iupati or Belaga. It wouldn't have effected our draft 2 through 7 and we'd be in a much better position.

    I never held out hope that McClain would fall to 15. The pick Reese eventually made there almost looked like he was baffled by the situation. Unless Mark Ross has uncovered the next Deacon Jones, the selection of JJP is going to be a rough ride for JR with the fans if that O-line breaks down this year.