Monday, May 10, 2010


The Giants reportedly met with former Jaguars defensive tackle John Henderson, but did not offer him a contract. With news today that NFC East rival Philadelphia has no interest in him, do you guys think this might be the opportune time to grab the veteran?

Remember, the Giants have a pretty well-stocked depth chart up front, with incumbents Barry Cofield, Chris Canty, Jay Alford and Rocky Bernard to go along with second-round pick Linval Joseph and undrafted free agent Nate Collins of Virginia.

Of course, if Henderson did start mentioning the right numbers, the Giants could easily slip him in by cutting an underachiever like Bernard. Would Henderson be worth it?



  1. Henderson would be great to add to the mix. Bernard is useless and Henderson or no Henderson will be off the team, Alford is coming off a major kneee injury and Cofield is serviceable but nothing more. SIGN HIM UP!

  2. Seems like there isn't much interest around the league. That either means he is asking for too much money, or everyone thinks he is done. If he comes on the cheap, I say go for it.

  3. adam - I read the same rumors. He's supposedly asking for too much $$$ and isn't willing to renegotiate, yet. Tell him what you're willing to pay and give him your phone number. Guys like that need to sit by the phone for couple of weeks before the message sinks in that they won't get big dollars. Problem is his agent, who wants the money as bad as he does, is whispering in his ear that he's worth so much more. These guys think their agents care about them but all they care about is their 15%. Players miss out on really good opportunities by believing the hype. He could make his mark in NY and really raise his profile. Instead, he'll probably end up signing on some 4-12 team and will be forgotten.

  4. I think he's done. I think he was done 2 years ago.

  5. spend the money of Flozell Adams

  6. dweez said "Tell him what you're willing to play and give him your phone number." Worked for Plax. I think I'd rather have Cofield though.

    To the other anonymous: Adams can't play. He's a lazy bum.