Friday, May 14, 2010

Everybody's In

Barry Cofield finally signed his $1.759 million tender offer, well before the June 15 deadline. That means all of the Giants' RFA's who did not have their tenders pulled back like C.C. Brown are signed and accounted for. The squad's roster sits at 80 heading into the mandatory June 15-17 full-squad minicamp, the maximum number the Giants can take to training camp.

The faces are still going to change, however. Unsigned draft picks are not counted against the roster, so as they put their names on the dotted line, somebody must go. But it's good to see, anyway, that there won't be any holdout nonsense with Cofield, who never made waves despite his frustration with the current business situation that cost him a shot at unrestricted free agency. He had told us just before the draft that he had no intentions of creating a disruption, and he appears to be holding to that.



  1. Would love to see Cofield bounce back!

  2. I think Bernard will have a bounce back year too. Something tells me that the DLineman were not utilized well under Sheridan, which is why Osi walked out of the training room last summer. I hope that Perry, as a experienced def coordinator, has a better feel for the entire defensive and not just one unit. I'm excited by the fact that they have so many new faces at LB.