Friday, May 14, 2010

O'Hara In Iraq

Shaun O'Hara took time out of his offseason to visit a couple of army camps in Kuwait and Iraq with Bears DB Charles Tillman as part of a USO tour. Here's Paul Schwartz' account from today's Post.

Always nice to see the players shaking some hands with the boys over there. Just shows you that not every NFL player spends his off-field life standing before judges.



  1. Great job by Shaun O'Hara and Charles Tillman!

  2. Shaun O'hara posed his best football in these years, 1.2008 2. 2009 3. 2007 4. 2006 so any talk of replacing him next year or any time very soon is premature.

  3. Where did you get your stats wayno? I love O'Hara but I didn't think this year was his second best year. Too many rushers came up the middle causing rushes for loss.