Thursday, May 20, 2010

Press Box Gone

This video probably means more to me than to you, but it's a fun watch if you like seeing things get pulled down. That's the Giants Stadium press box coming down, a home to so many of us reporters starting with the Jim Fassel era, when they turned the old, lower box into luxury suites.

It was the object of plenty of jokes because of its distance from the field. It took six seconds for a beam of light to travel from the field to the press box. We were the only team whose reporters could poop on the pigeons' head.

I'll miss the helicopter flyovers. They came past just above our eye level, and we could look right into the belly of the machine.

It had its faults. But it was home to so many of us, so permit me this one sentimental moment.

By the way, that guy running in the middle of the shot as the box is crashing down? That's me. Forgot my pen up there. Dang!



  1. I hope u enjoy your new cushy digs as u exclaim how great the new Meadowlands is because hey, I would say its great too if I didnt have to pay to go and was in a heated box. I'm sure Hanlon will butter u guys up good too the first year with spreads and other perks so he can read all the glowing reviews.

  2. Did they at least take the toilets to the new building? you guys are so full of .... anyways. j/k

    I like The New York Giants Sportwriters/beat writers. In person, most are funny, intelligent, normal kind folks with jewels of wisdom dripping from their pens/keyboards....then there is Ernie. j/k

    How many estimated hours did you spend in that place Ernie?

  3. Russ:

    Not as many hours as you'd think. That was just our gameday home. The rest of the week was spent in the press room under the seating bowl. No windows, damp in the winter, humid in the warm weather. We called it "The Dungeon," and it had nothing to do with the dusty skeletons hanging off the chains along the painted cinderblock walls. Lovely place for a cloistered monk.

    See? I'm funny.

  4. Ernie - lol. Interesting info as always... The 'dungeon' is what Dave Klein has written about recently.... a wonderful essay about the 34 years he spent there and the names that came through.

    thanks for 'splainin the difference between the press box and the dungeon to us.