Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Question For Today

Just because I don't anticipate anything truly important happening today, how about this?

Shockey or Bavaro?




  1. Ernie, this isn't exactly Maryanne or Ginger but I'll give you credit for trying.


    "I wouldn't want to have to meet that Bavaro guy in an alley"

    Bill Parcells to an assistant coach during Bavaro's first camp

  2. Bavaro. No contest.

  3. Lou:

    I'll grant you that. But just for the record, Maryanne, in a heartbeat.

  4. Shockey certainly had the potential and I really liked him in the beginning. But he wasn't a Giant long enough and wasn't a part of the superbowl run.

    Bavaro Hands Down!!!!

  5. Ernie,

    Get out of my fantasy.


  6. Bavaro easy !!!!!!

  7. Not a great topic
    lets discuss the current Giants, this question is a no brainer for anyone who watched both play in their prime.

    How about who do you want as #1 RB, Bradshaw or jacobs?

  8. Shockey ONLY because Bavaro went to the Eagles after the Giants. That's just plain wrong my friends.

  9. This isn't a contest. Anyone who say Bavaro would vote for him.

    Chris B.

  10. i never saw Bavaro, well before my time. however, i'd take him over Shockey. Why? because people speak highly of him and because i'd take Boss over Shockey.

    Shockey had the potential to be one of the greatest, he had all the physical tools to be a great TE; great size, good hands, and boy could he play through pain; i remember that play-off loss against the Eagles when he could barely walk, he lost his helmet on a reception and he still fought for every single inch, impressive stuff.

    however, for every piece of brilliance on his part, there was a bitch, a whine, an ill guarded comment, a badly run route, a drop and just an all round, general bad attitude. For all the damage he did to the opposition as a player, he did twice as much to his own team as a person.

  11. Bavaro was a beast and is EASILY the greatest TE in Giants history. I can still see two guys on his back and Bavaro never quitting.

  12. Ok Ernie, thanks for the topic of chat.

    I like the idea and maybe you will chime in as well, when you get the chance and tell us what you think?

    Bavaro was headed to Canton when his career got derailed in a week 7 1989 game @ San Diego. His knee blew apart, I believe near the area of the pitchers mound where the grass and dirt come together at Jack Murphy stadium. So much from a grass surface not doing that to knees.

    Shockey was headed to Canton when his foot got stuck in the old texas stadium turf in week 5 of his rookie year 2002. I don't hink he was ever truly the same after playing on that injury the rest of the year....

    Bavaro dropped his share, I just can't remember many of them. ok, 1988 was not his best year...but 85,86,87,89 (partial) and 90 were spectacular.

    Shockey dropped his fare share of memorable passes, no more so than in the back of the end zone vs the 49ers in the playoff debacle, known forever as "the bungle by the bay" giants up 35-14 and Shockey drops pass with 4 mins left in 3rd qtr. FG makes it 38-14, and you know the rest.

    My answer? Bob Tucker...he was probably, for his time, the better TE than either of them. led the league in receiving in 1971, a Devasting blocker (like Bavaro) allowing RB Ron Johnson to have a few 1000 yard yrs, something no Giant had ever done before..and his hands were huge,he caught everything. Hope you are reading Bob, a fav of mine for sure!

    Bavaro over Shockey. 2 Sb's vs zero

  13. Bavaro, absolutely no question. And, Lou, my answer is Maryanne.

  14. Bavaro and Maryanne. Both were the real deal -- the other two choices were prima donnas.

  15. Agree with Russ, Tucker was the greatest that ever wore a Giants jersey. What a shame that the Mara family feud squandered that man's talent by surrounding him with terrible teams. As for Shockey vs. Bavaro - You insult Bavaro even asking the question.

  16. Bavaro. No doubt about it.

  17. NO contest....Bavaro!

  18. Bavaro as a player and also as a human being -His friendship with a young very ill Giants fan extraordinaire that was a lifeline to the young man was beyond the call of duty . How do I know ?
    at the young mans funeral , I was a little late getting there and as I walked in , at the very back of the church was Bavaro paying his last respects to his friend anonymously

  19. This question is sort of like asking...

    The girl you bought a drink for at a club one night that gave you high hopes, but ended up walking away leaving you highly dissappointed because you wasted your money...

    Or the woman you fell in love with and married whilst creating years of special memories...

    Mark Bavaro - End of discussion