Monday, May 17, 2010

Heart Disease Felled Hand

You may have read that Norman Hand, the defensive tackle who played 11 games for the Giants in 2004, died Friday. According to the Post and Courier of Charleston, S.C., an autopsy over the weekend revealed the former Charger and Saint died of heart disease.

The Giants were the 37-year-old Hand's final stop in a 10-year career. He was listed at 310 pounds, though he was known to weigh much more than that.

In other news, the team's first OTA is scheduled for tomorrow. All healthy members are expected to be in attendance, even though most OTAs are of a voluntary nature. The only mandatory sessions are the ones that compose the full-team minicamp on June 15-17.



  1. Thats sad. He was a big dude and could still plug a hole like a few others at his age with the Giants. 310 was quite generous because the Norman Hand I remember was all of 340 if not north of 350. The Giants could use a guy like Norman Hand 2000 right about now. RIP Norman

  2. I wonder if with the size and bulk of the players of the past decade if there isn't going to be large numbers of these guys dying very early. The human heart was not supposed to support 300+ lbs in strenuous action the way these guys do it.