Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jerry Wasn't Lying

Sometimes you take what a general manager tells you with a sack full of salt, especially around draft time. But when Jerry Reese told reporters after his first-round pick that Osi Umenyiora was not going to be traded under any circumstances, he apparently meant it.

And we know that because NFL Network's Jason LaCanfora reported last night that several teams tried to contact the Giants about trading the disgruntled pass rusher and were rebuffed. He said the teams were told that Umenyiora was "off limits."

It doesn't take much of an imagination to understand that. Like him or not, Umenyiora is an affordable, experienced pass rusher who can offer helpful hints to people like first-round DE Jason Pierre-Paul, as well as second-round DT Lival Joseph and sixth-round DE/LB Adrian Tracy. They'll need to be coached up well, and Umenyiora, along with Mathias Kiwanuka and Justin Tuck, could take an active part in their development if he takes the right attitude about things.

And if not, hey, the guy's still got to put up numbers to keep the paycheck, right?



  1. OSI can only teach these guys how to be A JERK. He is far from affordable. Hell, I could get my ass kicked every play for the veteran minimum and he makes far more than that. His #'s sucked especially considering he made only 2 plays all year and they were in the first five games against lousy teams. Of the 8 sacks or so he had I would call these two the only legit ones. Reese is either waiting for training camp to score a better pick or is making a huge mistake because once this season is over he will have zero value.


    And also his 07' season was far from exceptional when u take out one game and he has always been overrated.

  2. Wayno2424 Dream Giants Dump List

    1. Lawrence Tynes -- Kickoffs to the 20, main reason coverage teams sucked. Also he is a loser who has been involved in shady activites.

    2. Osi -- Not to mention being a jerk and me first player he is the WORST DE I have ever seen play the run.

    3. Special teams coach-- How does this guy still have a job? The Giants have $$, especially wioth Dan and other suckers on board w/ PSL stadium, GO OUT AND BUY ONE!

    4. Sinorice Moss -- His presence is distracting and an undrafted player making the minimum can be far more effective. Time to cut ties.

    5. The Tisch and Mara Families -- Nothing like their old men. A bunch of crooks who are going to doom the Giants franchise soon enough when they start fighting with each other and land more jobs in the front office as their Hollywood aspirations fizzle.

  3. You got me all fired up this morning Ern! I don't need to hear about this jerk until he opens his mouth again. I give it 2 months.

  4. Wayno, can you please post the URL for your Osi fan club blog?
    I'll start thinking of a screen name for myself in the meantime.

  5. Why is Osi being made the villain just because Reese didn't want to trade him? Even the poor guy thought he was gone once he learned that the Giants selected a DE with their 1st round pick.

  6. I am not comparing Osi to any other players, just looking at the situation at hand. Once these guys get on the field it won’t matter who is in front or in back of them on the depth chart. They all want to perform well and win, whether that be for ego, for money, for the fans, for his teammates, whatever motivates them should not matter if they are producing. Did Osi play up to standards last year, no (neither did anyone else, it’s a team game and believe me nothing got to me more than teams running right at him all game ), did he have a fluke year in 2005 and that six sack game in 2007, maybe, but getting rid of him now won’t answer any of those questions, it’s a lose – lose situation at this point. Yes, Osi flapped his gums and was whining about playing time, so what, he's not the first and won't be the last. He wants to play well and he wants to dispel any myths that he is in fact a fluke, we all know that most of these guys love to hear their own voices anyway. Let him prove to us that he’s not a fluke, then we can decide whether or not to pay the man or to give him the axe. And, as far as teaching the young guys anything, I'd rather they learn from Tuck, forget it, bring old man Stray back for a seminar on how to make O linemen look scared

  7. Anonymous, to answer your question, Osi is made out to be the villain because long before the Giants drafted a DE he demanded that either he be guaranteed a starting position or he'd retire.

    Not cool. But not the end of the world either. He can play his way back into the fans' hearts this season. He's a two-sack game in September away.

  8. I almost forgot that we kept the special teams coach...his unit performed terribly. Kickoff and kick coverage were issues all year long and never have been addressed.

    In terms of trading OSI, maybe its Kiwi who needs to take notice. one of them will be gone after JPP starts showign his stuff at camp

  9. Ernie,

    The grain of salt is probably applied here as well. My gut feeling is that Osi can be had for the right price. That is the key. The right price. Maybe Mr. Reese felt the Rams #2, or other teams #2, #3's...were not enough?

    I am just saying this because a poker player never wants to show his hand? or is that his cards? anyways...I think you get the gist of what I said.

    now, if I only I could get this FAT gist out of his seat and into the nice weather for a walk!

  10. What's the all the hate for OSI. Yes he's complained and bitched a little. But since he's been drafted, 2003, 56 overall 2nd round, I'd say he's been an decent Giants Citizen. He was not like some other troublemakers around the league.

    His troubles started with Bill Sheridan and to be honest, all our troubles started with Bill Sheridan. The guy couldn't reach his players and his players couldn't execute his schemes. And for the most part these are the same players who played under Spags who help bring us a Superbowl and a 14-2 season in 2008!

    Plus Osi is coming off a injury which set him back a year.

    So please get of the guys back and let's see what he accomplishes this year before we start talking trade. Jeeez it's not like this guy is Pacman Jones, Ray Lewis or our used to be very own Plax!
    If you guys want to talk about troublemakers there are plenty of other more qualified candidates that the NFL has to offer.

  11. Osi is no troublemaker

    The trouble is...he allows an incredible push off the line for the opposing offense....even pre knee injury, he was never strong against the run. I am afraid that teams will continue to attack WHATEVER side he lines up on.

  12. i agree with 1138sw. furthermore, i predict a 10-sack season for Osi, minimum.

  13. dream dump

    1) sinorice moss
    2) Danny Clark
    3) Rocky Bernard
    4) Guy Whimper
    5) Lawrence Tynes
    6) Kehl
    7) Michael Johnson

  14. 1138sw - Yeah, his troubles started with Sheridan. So why do you excuse his behavior when he kept b**ching to the press after Sheridan was gone and he openly insulted Fewell by saying he refused to even meet with him? Sheridan doesn't excuse Osi's behavior. I'm sure Tuck wasn't in love in with Sheridan and he didn't make a scene in public. Is Osi the worse guy out there as far as behavior goes? No. But what he did was childish and classless and shows a troubling lack of self awareness. You just do NOT have that kind of a season and then throw a public temper tantrum demanding to be named the starter when you did nothing on the field to earn it. All he accomplished was alienating his teammates, his coaching staff, and the fans. That helps him and the team how? Don't excuse childish and selfish behavior or you'll just get more and more of it. I'm glad the Giants slapped him down and Fewell's mantra is "prove it". Osi needs to take a serious look in the mirror and realize, that at this moment, he's part of the problem. I'm with Fewell 100%. "Prove it". Fewell's a gentleman because I would add "or shut the *%#* up".

  15. @ dweez115

    If you call what Osi did after Sheridan left bitching and moaning a problem, I think you've got a very low threshold for trouble. I mean all players bitch and moan but it's not like he went out and shot himself in the foot, got a underage girl drunk in a dead end bar, shot a man, ran over a man, fathered 8 kids, suspended for drug usage or kept a team on edge about whether he was going to retire or not.

    The guy isn't even shockey for god's sake. Now that guy was a pain in the ass.

    If Osi causes this much trouble his entire career with the Giants I'll take it over any other player out there. He's young coming off the worst year of his career with a coach and a team that was in total disarray last year. Is their a bit of hangover from something like that. I would think so. And I am sorry, but Osi has been part of this organization with a Superbowl ring. If anyone has to prove himself it's Fewell who has yet to prove himself on the field as a Head defensive coordinator and deliver a first class defense. You've got to earn that respect and title as Spags did three year ago.