Sunday, May 9, 2010

One School Of Thought

There's a school of thought going around among some columnists and observers that Lawrence Taylor, because of the nature of his current legal problems, should be thrown out of the Hall of Fame.

Of course, you hear this anytime some enshrinee gets in serious trouble. They wanted O.J. Simpson bounced out. In baseball, there were cries to get Ferguson Jenkins out of Cooperstown because of his drug-related trespasses. It's nothing new.

So you tell me, should Taylor be thrown out of Canton?

I'll give you my take on it. The Professional Football Hall of Fame, under its own by-laws, dictates that a player should be voted in strictly and solely by his on-field accomplishments. Their rules leave very little leeway for judging the person. So, given that, I believe Taylor, like Simpson, absolutely should remain enshrined. He is the greatest linebacker to have played the game, not only because of his physical talents, but because he changed the way linebackers are used. Plain and simple, he must stay. He deserved to be a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer when he went in in 1999, and he must stay there now.

By now, you all know I'm not taking the easier stance, given my personal feelings for the man.

What say you?



  1. All he did was sleep with a prostitute he believed to be 19. I'll bet most of the hall of fame have slept with people they shouldn't have. Why has he already been considered convicted?

  2. If the Hall of Fame was filled only with guys of good character I imagine it would be pretty empty.

    It does seem like there is a rush to judgement on LT because of the word rape. But, the rape charge is only there because the girl was 16 and not 18. Now even the girl has admitted telling LT she was 19, so it seems that the rape charge should be thrown out.

    That of course in no way excuses or exonerates that fact that he sought out and used a prostitute. I find it revolting that he even did that, but soliciting prostitution is very different from rape. I wonder if people would be so quick to try and get him thrown out if that had been the initial charge?

  3. i agree that the HoF should be based on on-field accomplishments only. however, even if this were not the case, such discussions should wait until he is found guilty in a court of law; i know we live iun a media saturated world where we all get the details of anything very quickly, but in the US - as here in England - you are innocent until proved guilty by a court of law, not by the media.

  4. PRIVATE LIVES NEED TO REMAIN PRIVATE, EVEN THOSE OF CELEBRITIES NO MATTER HOW DISTASTEFUL AND IMMORAL THEY ARE OR SEEM TO US....THEY ARE NOT INFALLIBLE. That said the HoF is about "Sports" Celebs, not weekly sinners and malcontents....otherwise it would indeed be empty save a few Saints.

  5. "There's a school of thought going around among some columnists and observers that Lawrence Taylor, because of the nature of his current legal problems, should be thrown out of the Hall of Fame."

    Really bad school. I'd pull my columnists out of there and send them somewhere else. They're getting stupid in that one.

  6. real stupid, if it was real rape maybe the subject can be broached but especially not with these trumped up charges

  7. He stays, unless you throw out the Juice and others who have checkered pasts.

  8. The rules are the rules, period. ... end of story ...

  9. "The Professional Football Hall of Fame, under its own by-laws, dictates that a player should be voted in strictly and solely by his on-field accomplishments."

    So, why is this a question? Is he a pig? Yeah. But that's not to be taken under consideration. The man was the best that every played the position. I'm not defending his actions, but when you remember what he did on the field and the fact that the night before he was taking drugs (not the kind that ENHANCES your performance in ANY way) and was most likely with several prostitutes (he has admitted to using them while playing) and/or groupies, can you imagine what he would have done if he wasn't such a selfish, self destructive ass? HOF now and forever. It's not a church and these men aren't saints. As a dad, I don't have an issue with my son seeing LT and OJ's busts in Canton. Gives me the perfect opportunity to discuss why fame doesn't make you a decent human being and how my son should NOT live his life under any circumstances.

  10. They should create a hooker hall of fame for all the woman that slept with various athletes over time. Now thats something I would pay admission to.

  11. What bothered me is why L.T. let himself be put into a situation like that to begin with considering the number of times he's been burned in the past? The HOF is based solely on perfomance while a player, coach or long-time team owner. L.T. doesn't need to be kicked out of the Hall. What he apparently still needs at the age of 51 is someone hired to go out with him and keep him from getting anywhere near such a situation. Too bad there isn't a "steroid" that produces integrity in a player or former player. Think of the guys who would line up for an injection or need to.

  12. Stays.

    next question.

  13. I agree he stays. No way do you throw him out. Listen, no way do I condone what LT did, but how many businessmen and professionals have paid for sex? Probably a lot more than we'd like to know.

    This is only a big deal because she's 16. He didn't force himself on her (like Big Ben) he paid her for a service, which she performed willingly. LT pissed off a lot of people through the years and this is their chance to get him back.

    That dope Peter King over at SI is in all his glory, ripping him for his transgressions. I understand her age is a problem, but if she said she was 19, and he believed it and the act was consensual, could the rape charge be thrown out?

  14. Anyone who wants to kick LT out of the Hall for this is a hypocritical retard.

  15. I don't know the man myself and really didn't grow up with LT as a hero or a idol of mine. But I do realize his importance and legacy as a player and what he meant to the NFL.

    But if the HOF were to throw him out based on his off the field character, then I think they would have to look back at all inductees, reassess and judge them accordingly to newer guidelines. If that should happen I am sure that more than half the hall would be empty.

    And let's not forget the Baseball HOF which if character was used as selection along with performance would be nearly empty. Let's start with the Babe and Ted Williams. One a drunken womanizer and the other a racist.

    Let's face it these guys are usually damaged to begin with and society's need to worship these figures does nothing more than exacerbate their already damaged conditions.