Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bad News

Former Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey, now a Saint, was taken to the hospital after suffering seizure-like symptoms during a weight room session today.

One teammate told a New Orleans reporter that Shockey started shaking all over and seemed "out of it" for at least a minute.

"It was a little scary; it looked like maybe a mild seizure or a full body cramp or something," the teammate said. "There were a decent amount of guys in the weight room at the time. At first nobody really knew what was going on, but the trainers took control of the situation after a while.

""He was shaking and everything, and he was basically out of it for probably a minute or so, but it seemed longer. After he started coming back everything was pretty much all right. He seemed aware and everything seemed OK after a while. He got up and was walking around.''

There's a lot of divided sentiment about Shockey on this blog as to the assets and liabilities he presented during his Giants incarnation. But I think we all hope there's nothing seriously wrong with him.



  1. Well put! From Maine

  2. I wish Jeremy the best and hope that this is nothing too serious. A buddy of mine from college suffered a number of concussions playing football in high school and one day, he started suffering from seizure-like symptoms in the weight room with some regularity, at which point, he had to give up on lifting. Hopefully this won't end his career.

  3. I guess I should clarify that he was no longer able to work out with any serious intensity

  4. I feel sorry for the guy and do wish him well but I still harbor some resentment towards him. Can't help it. I had such high hopes for him as a player and a personality for the team but he failed on all fronts.

  5. I second you thoughts Ernie. He wore out his welcome here but you don't wish the guy bad health - that's for sure.

    Makes you wonder about those head shots taking a toll......

    Chris B.

  6. Like him not, Shockey never dogged it. He wasn't able to stay on the field as a Giant but he gave his all when he was out there, which is more than I saw from a lot of guys last season.
    They have some good anti-seizure medications out there, so hopefully there is nothing seriously wrong with him and he can keep this under control. I wish him the best.

  7. Maybe he shouldn't drink so much. He could care less about me so I will do the same for him.

  8. theisman's broken leg is the worst i would wish on anyone, als that is reserved for nfc east opponents. i hope his head is ok, head injuries are very scary